Here’s what people are saying about us!

"Sara Snacker cookies are one of a kind. There is a memory in every bite."

-Dawn Wolfrom, Philadelphia, PA

"Unique and delicious, Chipn'etzels are meant to be shared."

-Joe Sergeant, Montville, NJ


-Rachel Shaerf, Manhattan, NY, Aged 8

"I love the bite size Chipn’etzels. They are impossible to put down!"

-Madelyn Langer, West Long Branch, NJ

Taste What Everyone is Talking About!

Here at Sara Snacker Cookie Company™ we want to send you on a journey back to childhood. Nostalgia will fill your eyes while delicious cookies and treats fill your belly.

I personally create all of our exclusive cookies like our famous Chipn’etzel™— The Original Potato Chip and Pretzel Cookie right in my own kitchen. Try it in either original with sugar sprinkled on top or creamy, dreamy dark chocolate. Our awesomely delicious graham cracker based, chocolate chip and marshmallow S'mores cookie is one of a kind.. I bet it's like nothing you have ever tasted. Our extra sweet and tart Lemonade cookie has become a local favorite. As always our cookies are only made with the freshest all natural ingredients. We bet you'll fall in love after one bite. Come grab a bag of smiles and try some today!